The Services we can offer

We provide a comprehensive range of services. We look after the best interest of all of our clients and procure the appropriate professional skills, resources and procedures to successfully plan, coordinate and deliver projects from inception to completion.

A summary of our services include:

  • The Brief
  • Land and Lease Structures
  • Project Finance
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Old premises



The Brief:

  • Establish the Client’s Project Brief including programme

Land and Lease Structures

  • Indentify, negotiate and acquire an appropriate site on behalf of the Client.
  • Assist the Practice in the preparation of a Business Case for submission to PCTs, and others where appropriate.
  • Liaise and negotiate with the District Valuer regarding rental values.
  • Liaise with lawyers and assist in the legal closure of land and lease contracts.
  • Identify other potential occupiers, negotiate and conclude legal agreements.

Project Finance

  • Source project finance and liaise direct with the funders throughout the process


  • Select, appoint and coordinate consultants and contractors and obtain appropriate warranties.
  • Coordinate and control the overall design development process from concept through to planning and construction.
  • Act as client liaison with the future occupiers during the overall process.
  • Value engineering the design in relation to cost and time.


  • Establish the appropriate building procurement route, agree the building contract and administer the contract.
  • Act as client liaison with the professional team, contractor and future occupiers during the overall process.
  • Coordinate the as built health and safety manuals.
  • Monitor and manage the 12 months defects liability period.

Old Premises

  • Organise the decommissioning of the client's existing premises.