Our Principles and Objectives

We look for a balanced view of principles and objectives, in order to address all the aspects of our development process.

We believe the key factors are:


  • Good clear and effective structured lines of communication between all parties.
  • Maintain a "hands on approach", involving principal to principal involvement, from start to finish.
  • Be honest, direct and proactive.
  • Breakdown the overall development process into clear simple stages.
  • Develop strong long term working relationships with the professional clinical advisors, design and construction organisations, all of whom have a wealth of experience in medical sector.
  • Encourage the Client and their representatives to liaise and work directly with our professional design team, and become part of the development process.
  • Consider latest technology and innovation within the building design.
  • Adopt sustainable building solutions using natural and recyclable resources.
  • Buildings to be NHS compliant which are energy efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • Create within the design future flexibility with the capability to extend to faciliate the future needs within primary care.
  • Aspire to deliver above the required standards
  • Achieve completion within a realistic timeframe.
  • Obtain regular feedback to enhance our knowledge and improve our service.